The purpose of establishment of our department is to nurture professional software talents following social needs. Information technology now focuses on software more than hardware, and interdisciplinary knowledge is demanded to the expert of software.

Education only major of computer science is inadequate to be an expert like Steve Jobs and to make creative product design, architecture, and planning. As well as, currently a lot of industrial companies are struggling to find software developer having global mind. We therefore, progress high-intensity training of computer science, adapting global environment, and global entrepreneurship. In addition, we are dedicated to nurture global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and global Chief executive officer (CEO) for the ensuring national competitiveness


Our department is funded by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy for six years (annually seven billion won). We also support at least a half scholarship to every student as well as various benefits are included such as internship program, assistant for establishment of company, and one-to-one mentoring (with professor, industrial expert, graduate student).