 Educational Objectives and Goals

Educational objectives

Our goal is to promote professional software talents acquiring the fundamental and major knowledge through the interdisciplinary research including technology of software, management of technology and industrial management.

  • Learning the Fundamental knowledge for Computer science, industrial management, and technique management
  • Preparing the ability to adapt for global market
  • Learning a creative thinking for entrepreneurship
  • Building skills such as design and planning creative software products

As undergraduates, it is proposed to learn Computer Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering. After graduation, our alumni will work as software experts for the field of future industrial.

  • Chief executive officer (CEO) for domestic and international company
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for domestic and international company
  • The expert for software design and planning
  • The founder for software development
  • Enter the graduate school related software and management
  • cquisition of Dual degree (Korea University and The State University of New York)  
    Detail about Dual degree (http://www.sunykorea.ac.kr)